I’m sitting in the Dublin airport, in a prescreening area. About ready to fly to Milan. A seemingly homeless man asked if he can sit down next to me.


He sat on the edge of his chair for about an hour as he rocked back and forth in excitement about every plane that landed and took off. I loved watching his excitement as each plane came and left. I immediately felt exactly his excitement. 

I love traveling. Even more so, I love flying. And I especially love the airport. Any airport. No matter how small or big. I love the smell of jet fuel, the sights of a massive piece of machinery coming in from a foreign land, being smashed into a seat that no human should sit in for more than 5 minutes, the excitement of what kind of lousy food they’ll be serving...for $12. 

The feeling of getting on a plane to visit friends or experience a new city. 

This stranger next to me doesn’t have a ticket. He got a ride into the airport today to watch the planes land and take off.

I would do the exact same thing. Really…I’m doing the exact same thing.